The Early Days

Glauco Lolli-Ghetti, founder of Scorpio Ship Management, has been involved in the shipping industry since the early 1950s when he married into the Bibolini family - at the time one of Italy’s leading ship owning families.

In 1955, after Senatore Bibolini’s death Mr. Lolli-Ghetti created Carbonavi and developed its fleet. At first, he ordered Handysize and Handymax bulk carriers from Italian shipyards. During the 1970s his investments in newbuildings included ULCCs, VLCC as well as several Suezmax tankers, Capesize bulkers and Oil Bulk Ore Carriers (“OBOs”).

Mr.Lolli-Ghetti was particularly captivated by the OBO as a superior design from both a commercial and safety perspective. Ultimately he ordered nearly 20 OBO’s during his career. In addition, his strong conviction regarding safety and environmental issues led him to manage and build only fully double hull vessels since 1966 (at the time these were called “ecological ships”). He maintained that “the best quality means greater safety” - a view that the Company still holds today.


In the late 70’s Mr. Lolli-Ghetti moved from Italy to New-York and eventually took over "Scorpio Shipping Company" to create "Scorpio Ship Management". The “Garden Fleet” was then created and consisted of 12 owned vessels ranging from the 16,000 dwt "Garden Sun" to the 160,000 dwt "Garden Green".

For his pioneering role in such environmentally friendly and safe vessels, he was recognized by the international shipping community and named “Maritime Man of the Year for 1970”. In 1972 he was appointed president of The Italian Ship Owners Association where he remained for a further 5 years.

Between 1965 and 1979 Mr. Lolli-Ghetti was involved in several shipping companies and at the peak of his shipping career he controlled a fleet of more than 40 vessels for a total exceeding 4.4M dwt, formed by various types of tankers, OBO and bulk carriers

In 1984 Glauco Lolli-Ghetti moved Scorpio Ship Management to Monte Carlo, a rising commercial shipping center. He was actively engaged in managing the Company and its affairs until his death in 2006.

2003- Present

In June 2003, Emanuele Lauro joined Scorpio. In 2004 he became Managing Director of Scorpio Ship Management s.a.m.. Mr. Lauro’s initial focus was to broaden the market presence of Scorpio. In these efforts, he entered new markets and formed Companies that were part of the new ‘Scorpio Group’. By 2008, the Group was engaged in pooling, commercial management, dry bulk logistics and private equity, among other activities, and its managed fleet numbered approximately 60 vessels.

Mr. Lauro’s long held belief was to return to ship owning when asset values were attractive, and this opportunity presented itself in 2010. “Scorpio Tankers Inc” launched an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange in April 2010, raising capital for the investment in modern product tankers. By mid 2011, the Scorpio ‘owned’ tanker fleet had grown from 3 vessels to 12, with an additional 5 newbuildings on order.

As Scorpio Ship Management continues to grow its fleet under management with new opportunities, new technologies and new systems, the Company still aspires to the vision of its founder, Glauco Lolli-Ghetti, who so passionately believed that excellence in safety and environmental management were critical to commercial sustainability.